Why We Shouldn’t Discriminate Against Ex-offenders

Since Hawaii became the first state to protect ex-offenders in 1998, 16 states and 97 cities have followed and passed versions of “Ban the Box”. It shows evidence that ex-prisoners are given a fair chance to get a job.

Why employers should’t discriminate against ex-offenders?no_workplace_discrimination

  • There is no proof that having a criminal record makes someone a worse employee than someone who doesn’t.
  • If ex-prisoners can get a job, they could be reunited with their children and gradually rebuild their lives.
  • Ex-offenders know how difficult it is to find a job, they will be extraordinarily motivated and hardworking especially for their children.
  • Ultimately, hiring ex-offenders reduces recidivism.
  • If they can get a fair chance to work and contribute to our society, it is beneficial to our economy and reduce governmental cost.

Why people shouldn’t discriminate ex-prisoners?


  • If everyone can’t accept ex-prisoners, we will end up with a society in which people probably have no chance to turn their lives around, it causes  a permanent class of unemployed ex-offenders around us.
  • The conflict of unemployed ex-offenders and publics will always be a social safety concern.
  • There could be conflict between discrimination and democracy.
  • Eliminating discrimination is not just bette for ex-offenders, it is better for all of us.


“A Job Is Hope”, please give ex-offender a second chance. What you give is a key to open the door of their new life.

You could get a loyal, responsible and motivated employee once you give an offer.

Everyone, let’s stand up to support them!


-Xinru Liu


3 thoughts on “Why We Shouldn’t Discriminate Against Ex-offenders

    1. Really thanks for your support!! Yes, everyone deserves that and our support is important for them to get a second chance, hope more people could join to eliminate the discrimination.


  1. Since Hawaii became the first state to protect ex-offenders in 1998, 16 states and 97 cities have followed

    So glad to hear this statement, can I know something more about how they protect them ??

    I’m quite interested in this topic 🙂

    By providing rights not showing their criminal past ?

    I have no idea…..


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