‘Social Enterprise’ should develop and work with Non-profit programs to help ex-offenders

I don’t know how many private businesses and companies in Australia, but I know there is a  big group of people are waiting for their offer, they are Ex-Offenders. Someone could ask why a company should hire a person with criminal history.

Let me ask a question at first, what’s your hope? Have you sought someone’s help when you lost your hope? For ex-offenders, a job is the hope they mostly need to support them live.


Unemployment is higher (29%) among indigenous Australians with criminal history than among those without criminal history (11%), and unemployment is a significant reason on the social issue of recidivism. For addressing ex-prisoner unemployment, more and more non-proifit organizations and services provide helps hand in hand. Such as:

NO. 1 Tangentyere Employment Service (TES)
Tangentyere-Council-Landcare-and-Environmental-Health-UnitTES is a specialist Indigenous provider for the town camps of Alice Springs, helping about 500 Indigenous jobseekers in Central Australia. In 2010, TES had placed 241 jobseekers into employment. It has a business allocation of 10% of the Employment Service Area clients and constitutes over 30% of all job placements in Central Australia. It was rewarded 5 Stars by DEEWR.

NO. 2 PVS Workfind

photoPVS Workfind is a new era in employment services. It provides holistic services to job seekers though woking with communities and non-profit government agencies. Its services includes assessment, pre-employment support services, employment placement services and indigenous mentor. Its training programs haven been innovated and developed to reach different groups of jobseekers, including Indigenous and non-indigenous offenders and pre-release prisoners.

NO.3 Pre-Release Prisoner Program—DEEWR

PRP intends to maximize employment opportunities for people after release, and it helps them reduce reliance on social welfare by providing skill training and building social relationships with employers. Job seekers are generally required to be within the last 12 months of their sentence and satisfying pre-release status requirements by State/Territory Corrective Services.

give-hope_donate“A Job Is Hope”, please give ex-offender a second chance. What you give is a key to open the door of their new life.

You could get a loyal, responsible and motivated employee once you give an offer.

Let us stand up to support them!


– Xinru Liu


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